Four weeks to go


When I went to Mysore in 2005, I was lost. Totally and utterly lost. I’d just turned 30, and remember very vividly thinking that life wasn’t supposed to be like that. I was heartbroken, I’d left a job that, while very interesting and certainly something very few people in the world were qualified to do, was a bit of a dead end in terms of career and pay progression. And I just didn’t know who I was.

My first exposure to Mysore style was indeed in Mysore in 2004. Then, Sharath had progressed me from Marichiasana B to Supta Kurmasana (quite a bit, in just four weeks!). In 2005 he taught me the rest of the Primary series.


I always wonder how much of the changes in the last ten years can be attributed to the practice and how much to just growing up. I was heartbroken for a long, long time, and the practice did indeed help me process all those feelings of loneliness (Second series will take care of that by centrifugating your nervous system five days a week, thankyouverymuch). I also changed careers to tech in investment banking, and Ashtanga gave me indeed the discipline to work long hours and keep the eye on the goal, plus the ability to somehow temper myself at times when stress ran high.

So now I’m married, have a pug and a mortgage, and wonder how much harder up and leaving for India will be when you have loved ones waiting for you to come back home. There is no specific reason why I’m going (read: I’m not going with the aim of getting authorization) other than having the chance on account of a sabbatical year and knowing that once I return to work, this chance will be gone again for a very long time.

Oh, and I’ve progressed past Primary. Well, at times 🙂


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