Less than two weeks to go

pic 060

Time is just flying, and my departure day looms in the horizon. I’ve been teaching a lot in order to add more funds to the Mysore pot, which in hindsight might not have been the brightest thing to do since I pulled a muscle in my mid back demonstrating Supta Kurmasana and now my whole back has seized. So I’m spending a lot of my time hanging off what my husband calls my bat table. This, of course, has triggered a lot of emotion, mostly around the theme of not being ready for Mysore. As if one ever is!

In the meantime, I whetted my appetite for India by applying for my visa in person, rather than using a service. I figured that since I am not working (in an office job) and have plenty of time, there is no reason why I can’t spare an hour or two sitting in the India Visa Processing Centre. The Centre is like a microcosm of India: crowded, busy and yet everything works as if by magic. My initial sit was of two hours but I took the chance to eat my (non-smelly) lunch, having spent all my morning teaching Mysore and then doing my own practice. It only took a couple of days to get the text notification that my passport was ready to be collected, and a twenty minute wait to get it back with a six month multiple re-entry visa stuck to it. Score!

So now all I have to do (apart from the necessary preparations for the household to keep running while I’m away without inconveniencing my lovely husband who is busy enough as it is) is to idly worry that Sharath might not remember me since my hair is quite a few shades lighter and I’ve expanded horizontally a little bit! (I blame the yoga, actually: I went through years of craving fat and now I crave protein all the time).

pic 030

(picture taken in 2005 during Guruji’s 90th birthday celebrations)


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