Five days

Travel preparations have now reached feverish speed. Trying to make my absence as unnoticed as possible, I’ve gone into mad organizational mode. Like the world’s most effective PA, I’ve been making lists, writing documentation for family and helpers, and even doing grocery shopping to see my dear husband beyond the first weekend on his own. Yes I know, he can perfectly look after himself 🙂

My back has been complaining a bit, and the knee jerk reaction was first upset and then mild anger (how can this happen right before I go to Mysore for the first time in eons). Once all that passed through I actually took it for what it is: a signal from my body to slow down and pay attention to my emotional state. Apprehension, worry, insecurity are the things that tend to psychosomatize in my lower back.

It really is interesting how modern society teaches us to view the body as an inconvenient liability, at worst (wax! preen! hide any external sign of your menses!) and a tool at best (chase Third series in a vain search for validation and love!). It has taken me many, many years to make peace with my own body, appreciate it as is (despite the cultural pressure to be whippet thin and the regular appraisal of friends and even sometimes strangers who feel that as a woman your image is a zone for free commentary).

In reality, this meat covered skeleton made from stardust is the link between your soul and this world, and an ally rather than an enemy. So now I’m at peace, looking forward to this trip and knowing that the gifts I will receive in Mysore go far beyond, and sidestep, any asana I might or might not be able to “perform”.

Bring it on.



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