Hello from Mysore

As far as long trips go, it hasn’t been so bad at all, the ten years gone by since my last trip playing not a small part. The new Bangalore airport is very, very nice, and the immigration process much more swift. The new road out of Bangalore is heaps better than the dirt road I bumped along on years ago.

The things that seem to not have changed much…the hair rising drive at full speed weaving in and out of traffic with often only millimetres to spare, the noise, the pollution. The ATM machines that won’t give you more than 10k rupees at a time, guaranteeing a hive of yoga students wandering around trying to get enough for registration this afternoon. But also the smiles and the head wobbles and the hugs from friends that you haven’t seen in many years but who remember you well.

The other things that made a difference are to be attributed to a lot of travel for work and leisure in the past few years: ensuring I ate a decent breakfast at the airport, layering clothes so that I could easily adapt to the increasing temperature, taking a spare set of undies to change into until in close proximity of a shower. The one thing I forgot, however, were the compression socks! This girl’s legs are not what they were.


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