Space Cadet reporting for duty


Nerves and a slightly compulsive worry about forgetting to take my mat (hey, it usually lives on a shelf at my shala back home) made me wake up right before the alarm went off at beyond stupid o’clock this morning. A very silent crowd of students in front of the gate; police patrolling the streets. Walking into the shala not dissimilar to crowded trains in London: busy but no jostling or pushing. Two lovely women made space for me in the corner of the changing room, and we worked well together at not planting our feet on anyone else’s face and rolling carefully in Garbha Pindasana so that we wouldn’t knock each other out.

First practice of the month done! Sweet relief that yes, I know the Primary series and can do it somehow competently. Sharath walked into the ladies changing room at the very end of Uttpluthi. That was kind of cruel.

On the other hand, after being invited to delicious coffee by my neighbour and chai-ing it up with Karen, Space Cadet here forgot all about the chanting class. Uh oh.


2 thoughts on “Space Cadet reporting for duty

  1. Thank you Vanessa for the updates and for generously blogging about your experiences in Mysore. It is really freezing here. Look forward reading more. Have a fantastic time. Silvia xx


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