Of food, shopping and backbends

So, read any Mysore blog and you will find out that a great portion of an Ashtangi’s time is spent obsessing over food. Now take that and double it because I grew up in Spain where the favourite pastime is planning where to go for your next meal, what to order, who to eat with, and analyze/dissect the merits of that food to exhaustion.

Ok, the Spanish way might be a bit more related to joie de vivre than the Ashtangi way, which might be all about pooping before practice and being skinny enough to lift your ass of the floor for jumpbacks, but let’s skip that for now (I’m soooo going to get roasted for this 🙂 ).

The fact was, I finished my practice and was hungry. So I rocked up at Santosha before they had finished their own breakfast and ordered this:


Ragi french toast with cinnamon and honey (the vegan score took a bit of a hit here). And it was so good that then I ordered this:


Yes, same same.

From there I waddled back home where I did my laundry in the expensive Japanese import washing machine in the basement. Don’t be haters and book yourselves at Urban Oasis next time  🙂

And after yet more food…


…we went shopping, with compulsory rickshaw picture. But look up from gorgeous Karla:


Now, I’m not sure if that’s an actual lamp that lights up or not, but isn’t it amazing? I don’t know, maybe I’m jet lagged and yoga-ed out but I really love humans’ need for self expression and individuality that pops out even in the most mundane circumstances like driving people around for a living.

And practice, I hear you say? Well, I got a lovely spot for “one more, short!” this morning and even though my monkey mind went a bit wild at times and I’m pretty sure I went straight from Janu Sirsasana B on the right side to Janu Sirsasana C on the left, it was still pretty great and got the best help in backends from the lovely assistant. So what more can I ask for? It’s good to be here.


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