Starting week 2

With February being a short month and the Monday-Saturday schedule, my visit to Mysore is very well defined as a four week block to slowly (or quickly as it actually feels) tick off one by one.

Settling in was surprisingly easy last week; just a few watery eyes moments when overtired, jet lagged or missing my husband. The rest of the time was spent remembering the physical landscape and getting used to the social landscape.

People come to Mysore for as many reasons as there are students. Tons of first time students eager to do their pilgrimage, visit the source, have the ultimate Mysore experience. Many lone teachers whose parampara link is Sharath and they spend the rest of the year getting up at 3am to practice on their own before opening their Mysore rooms. And students like me, lucky to have a great teacher back at home but who are also in love with this room and whenever they can, scramble the funds, get time off and come and bathe themselves in the prana in that room.

Because there are so many people with so many reasons, the social constructs can be a bit tricky to navigate. Some keep themselves to themselves, some crave company, and some manouvre a bit politically, upwardly mobile in the hierarchy of authorized, level 2, certified teachers. And there I was thinking I’d escaped my corporate job 🙂

Compulsory food pictures:



There is also the first conference of the month to talk about, but people have documented it better than I ever could in other blogs and Facebook, so I will just say that even though sometimes it can feel a bit basic, I really enjoy Sharath’s insistence that we keep doing the practice diligently and do not forget about the yamas/niyamas.

No pictures though…trying to preserve people’s right to privacy!

Lastly, this week we have a bit of a change in schedule: Sharath is away on Monday and Tuesday and has left four certified teachers in charge of the room. Then we will have led class on Wednesday once he is back. I personally am happy to not start the week with a led class!


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