Lazy Sundays

I finally got used to (well, to a certain degree) rest day being Sunday. I spent all of Week 1 and a few days of Week 2 living one day behind the calendar, thus missing out on appointments.

Some more things that have changed in the last few years…

– After led class, everyone flips around on their mat and take rest with their feet pointing to the back of the room.

– You can get decent chocolate and raw food desserts!




– Authorization is constantly discussed and even brought up in conference by Sharath; in 2005 I only heard of two people getting authorized while I was here, and most people were here just to practice. This is of course a totally subjective observation but I feel that a lot of people come here now chasing authorization.

Things that haven’t changed…

– The feeling of everdirty feet.

– Missing my clothes. I’m a far better winter dresser than summer one, and I’m so sick of the bunch of hippy-dippy clothes I bought in a panic when I realized I was coming and I had nothing adequate to wear. Mysore seems to be the place where (yoga students’) fashion comes to die.

Animals still wander freely.


What about practice, I hear you say? Well, practice is being very very nice. Primary Series is an old friend so other than attempting a tighter Supta Kurmasana and grabbing my ankles daily in backbends, I’m not getting too taxed. Which sometimes feels a bit of a shame given that it’s here and now that I have the opportunity to spend the day resting and recovering, but then again, I didn’t come here to get poses, did I? 🙂



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