Week 3, done

This week it all came together, despite my being a bit wobbly before the moon day. Somehow, by Thursday something clicked in my head and ever since I’ve been feeling really peaceful and like I’m exactly in the right place at the right time. Like everything is unravelling perfectly.

Despite the slight aches and pains that come from giving it all in practice (a luxury I don’t always have in my life back in London), my body feels great, and even the very intense backbending we do here, where you are expected to catch your ankles or further up if you can, feels absolutely like the right thing to do. That’s Mysore magic happening right there.

And the sense of gratitude was compounded times thousand today during conference, where Sharath spoke truly from the heart with so much devotion and compassion. Every time he tells stories about Guruji I get a bit tearful because he is so open and candid about his love, both filial and guru-student like. He is a master of conveying a lot of information in a really concise way: talking about boastful or disrespectful students, he’d just say “sometimes I felt sad because Guruji was so devoted to teaching”.

So my last week of practice here will start on Monday with a huge sense of gratitude for having had the chance to be here again and to partake in the magic.

And then there are the Juanita cuddles.



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